Marble Brewery

Since 1997, we’ve been brewing forward-thinking and genre-defining beer in Manchester, UK. From the more traditional cask beers first brewed in the back room of the grand Victorian pub in Ancoats that serves as our spiritual home, to the contemporary craft beers currently being produced in our new, state-of-the-art brewery in Salford, we’ve long championed innovative, flavour-forward brewing. For 12 years, our beers were brewed in the back of The Marble Arch Inn, on a 4.5 barrel kit installed by Brendan Dobbin.

The brewhouse itself was on show behind glass windows to curious drinkers with a pint in their hand, and the fermenters and conditioning tanks were situated in the cellar below. In 2009, the brewery moved down the hill behind the pub to Williamson Street, to increase capacity to 12 barrels and meet growing demand for our beer. Those two railway arches at the bottom of the hill served as our home for the next decade, before our move in 2019 to our current site in Salford. Our latest move saw us completely overhaul the brewery, installing a 25hL Gravity System brewhouse complete with new fermenters, a brand new cold store, and everything else we needed to bring our brewery up to speed. Led by Head Brewer Joe Ince, we brew a broad range of beers: from our classics Manchester Bitter, Lagonda, and Pint through to the new Hop Forward range, collaborations, and annual releases.

Over the 20+ years Marble Brewery has been in operation, we are proud to have sent staff on to some of the most exciting breweries in the country. Our alumni include: Rob Hamilton, founder of Blackjack Brewery; James Campbell, co-founder of Cloudwater Brew Co and brewery consultant; Dominic Driscoll, Production Manager at Thornbridge Brewery; Colin Stronge, Head Brewer at Salt Beer Factory; Matthew Howgate, Head Brewer at Vocation Brewery; James Kemp, General Manager at Hawkshead Brewery; and Dan W De Bechevel, founder and Head Brewer at Wander Beyond Brewery. Our new taproom sits within our new brewery with views across the brewery floor, so why not visit us in Salford and catch a glimpse of where some of Manchester’s favourite beers are brewed.

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