The Marble Arch Inn

73 Rochdale Road, Manchester, M4 4HY

The Marble Arch Inn

73 Rochdale Road, Manchester, M4 4HY
The birthplace of Marble Brewery, our multi-award-winning pub serves as our flagship venue and spiritual home. At the foot of our infamously sloping mosaic floor sits our ornate bar, boasting nine hand pulls serving brewery-fresh cask beer, eight carefully selected keg lines pouring both our own and guest beer, and a small range of carefully selected artisanal ciders. We also serve a range of bottles, cans, and soft drinks from our fridges, and a small but thoughtful variety of wines and spirits. Our talented kitchen team works from the open kitchen to the rear of the pub, and our menu ranges from hearty pub fare to fusion cuisine, with a range of regularly rotating specials on offer. Our seasonal dishes are created with our beers in mind, and our well-trained and attentive staff are keen to help you find the perfect pairing.   A short walk away from the bustling Northern Quarter, The Marble Arch (commonly known simply as ‘The Arch’) sits in Manchester’s historic Angel Meadow district, and serves as a hideaway for locals and visitors alike. Whether in the hidden beer garden behind the pub, or amongst the glazed brick of the main room of the pub, we’re sure you’ll find your spot soon enough.    The Marble Arch Inn is a proud participant in the #EveryoneWelcomeInitiative, and we work to maintain the pub as an inclusive and welcoming space for all.

What's happening at The Marble Arch Inn

What's on at The Marble Arch Inn?

There's always something happening at The Marble Arch Inn. See all our events here

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