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Mixed Big Bottle Case


A mixed case featuring the most luxurious Marble Beers.

1 x Bourbon BA Imperial Marshmallow Mild

Originally brewed with our friends from Beer Nouveau & Earth Station, we laid our Imperial Marshmallow Mild in third fill bourbon cask for 94 weeks allowing for a slow ageing. The mild softened with notes of woodland berries, plums, raisins and sultanas shining through. Beautifully orchestrated with notes of vanilla & a sherry-esque lacing from the barrels. Take time to share & enjoy.

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1 x Strong Ale

Brewed with our friends VarVAr fom Kyiv. This strong ale is brewed to reflect our mutual love of Old Ales, Burton Ales and Barley Wines. Brewed with a complex malt base, and fermented on our house yeast, delicately hopped this ale shows both breweries holistic approach to brewing creating a balanced beer whose whole is far greater than the sum of it's parts.

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1 x Decadence 2020

First of our annual release, this 2020 vintage of Decadence has a light carbonation, showcasing liquorice, coffee and flavours dark fruits. The combination of toffee and light smokey notes create a perfectly balanced mouthfeel. Best served slightly chilled and allowed to warm.

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1 x Barley Wine 2020

Dark amber in colour, this years Barley Wine has distinct notes of caramel and marmalade, with just a hint of hop bitterness in the end. Best served slightly chilled and allowed to warm.

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1 x Barley Wine Barrel Aged Amontillado 2020

Dark amber in colour, the sweetness of this Barley Wine is balanced by dry oak notes and sharper orange bitterness. Caramelised sugar, marmalade and light funky flavours evolve with each sip. Best served slightly chilled and allowed to warm.

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1 x Pineapple, Cacao and Acai Imperial Stout

A soft velvety stout displaying layers of flavour with notes of; sticky toffee pudding, dark chocolate and liquorice rounded by pineapple and cacao, all married in harmony by berry fruits and nuttiness from the acai.

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