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Sour Blonde Ale and Pediococcus

Posted: 2018-07-25 By Marble Beers

URGENT NOTICE: Sour Blonde Ale and Pediococcus


On Monday we released Sour Blonde Ale in 660ml bottles as part of our Barrel Ageing Programme. On a QA check in the brewery this morning, it was determined that the Pediococcus aka Pedio present in this wild beer has become active several weeks post bottling, resulting in a slight “ropey” or “fat” stage. The Pedio “ropey” stage temporarily affects the texture and viscosity of the beer, and can happen in bottle conditioned mixed fermentation beers like these.


This is a natural stage of the fermentation in wild beers where Pedio is present: in time it will break down adding to the complexity and flavour of the beer, returning it to a normal beer viscosity. The presence of Brettanomyces aka Brett, (the super helpful yeast that eats everything), breaks down any Pedio “ropey” elements and produces amazing flavours and aromas.


We’re not going to release any more bottles out into the wild until we’re absolutely sure that the Brettanomyces has had time to get to work and the beer passes our stringent QA brewery tests. It can take between 3 and 6 months for the Brettanomyces to break down all the Pediococcus, so we would look to being able to release the remaining bottles by March 2019.


If you have purchased a bottle of Sour Blonde Ale from any outlet, please rest assured that the beer will evolve and this “ropey” stage will dissipate. We recommend storing it in a nice cool, dark place, until at least March 2019. If you have any questions about the beer and storing it, please do get in touch via and we will get back to you as soon as possible to advise on next steps.


If you have purchased bottles of Sour Blonde Ale from our online shop or any of our outlets, and would prefer to return it, please contact us on If you have purchased beers from an external supplier and wish to return it, please contact them directly, though as mentioned above, if you have any questions or further problems please do get in touch.


You can find out more about wild beers, mixed fermentation, and barrel ageing here and here 


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